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About Us is Chinese best and largest teaware and tea wholesaler and supplier, and all the products' quality is far higher than the online teaware retailers. In addition, we guarantee the best quality and provide the best service.

We always adhere to the "Healthy and Green Life" concept, all the tea is produced in Chinese best tea garden, and the tea growing environment is superior, there are suitable climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall and suitable temperature, which can ensure all the tea has the best quality. Besides, we plant tea trees do not use any pesticides, and the production process of tea does not use any chemicals or odorants, all of our tea is fully compliant with the EU standards and has the examining report of SGS (fully qualified, no pesticide residue)

We also provide exquisite tea set, including glass tea sets, glass teapots, cups and iron teapots, etc. Each tea set is carefully designed by the craftsman and made from healthy and high-quality materials. It can make the tea have better taste, and iron teapots is also beneficial to our health.

Drink a cup of hot tea every day, relax ourselves and enjoy the good life. Buy high-quality tea and tea sets online, we offer a variety of premium teas and high-quality teapots, is your best choice.

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