How to Make Iced Tea

You will get a lot of fun from making tea, and carefully brewing. How to make a delicious ice tea? We Ateaset recommendations are as follows:

Heat Water

Making ice tea needs boiling water, which can completely release the aroma and taste of the tea. We recommend using filtered water, preferably spring water or well water.

Then fill your kettle with cold, fresh water and heat to boiling. white tea and green tea avoid to use boiling water, it will spoil the beneficial elements of tea.

Compared with hot tea, iced tea needs better filtration, So we need two teaspoons of loose leaf tea or one teabag per six-ounce cup, if using loose leaf tea, you need a glass teapot or tea infuser.

Steeping Tea Time

Pour the boiling water into the teapot, cover the lid, releasing the taste and aroma of the tea. Different tea have different soaking time. You can try to find your ideal time. Please note that brewing tea time can not be too long, which will make the tea bitter or acidic.

Enjoy Your Flavor Iced Tea

Pour the tea into a teacup, preferably a glass tea cup, which will make the tea looks good. Then allow the tea come to the room temperature.

Add some sugar to the tea and sweeten to your liking, then put the ice into the cup. Now you can enjoy a cup of delicious and flavor iced tea in your home.