Green tea contains some caffeine which can refreshing and relaxed people, besides, It also has the effect of weight Loss. Drinking green tea is good for health, drink one cup of tea with your family or your friends, enjoy the tea time.

How can we brew a cup of flavor tea? Brewing tea generally need tea set, high grade green tea and boiling water.

Tea Set
drinking green tea, usually with good transparency glass, porcelain cup or bowl brewing. We would better use white porcelain bowl which can make the tea leaves and tea soup looks much better.

Water Quality
Brewing green tea need high quality of water. Usually use clean high-quality mineral water, you can also use purified water.

The Water Temperature
Usually need boiling water which can bubble fresh tea and aroma out. The best temperature of water is about 80 degrees.
Note: Because of chlorophyll is easy to be destroyed if we use high temperature water, meanwhile tea polyphenol will also be oxidized at high temperatures which will make the tea yellow, and a lot of aromatic substance quickly dissipate which could cause tea loss flavor.

The Ratio of Tea and Water
usually tea and water ratio is 1:50 to 1:60 (a gram of tea with 50ml to 60ml water) is appropriate, only this can we brew tea a good flavor.

Requiring hand-held water bottle to pour water into the cup, so that the hot water can impulse tea up and down which can easy to bubble the aroma out. Besides, We brew a small amount of hot water at the beginning. Most of the active ingredients in green tea are leached after the first brew, and the total amount is reached after three times. Therefore, green tea brewed three times in general. Very delicate high-quality tea can be brewed twice in general.

In order to keep the tea flavor, do not let the green tea long bubble. There should be less tea and more water to reduce the irritation when brewing green tea.